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Your astrological sign reveals quite a bit about your personality.

What Greek God Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Signs: Deep Astrology Analysis Of Your Zodiac Personality

Best Daily Horoscopes App. Phunware, Inc. Susan Miller is excited to announce the new version of her Astrology Zone app! Astrolis Horoscopes. Horoscope - The most accurate daily and weekly horoscope app powered by Astrolis. How come so many of us fail to fit into the mold of our sign, while others are extremely spot-on? This is, as mentioned above, where proper astrology study comes in.

Our sun is just one of the ten planets in any given person's chart. It represents only the inner self, and the ways in which we prefer to deal with things. A study of the zodiac signs in a great way to grasp the basics of astrology, and as many have written and told me, it can be extremely accurate.

How Well Do You Know Your Astrological Sign? Here Are All the Basics For Each One

Astrology teaches that everyone is nothing more then a complex and subtle mix of traits, represented by all the planets, and where and how these particular traits effect you is determined by what is know as the "ascendant" AKA "rising sign". The word "horoscope" is a word derived from the greek "hoscopos" meaning "I watch that which is rising".

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As we see, the word horoscope originally meant nothing more then the ascendant was considered. The ascendant being the point in the zodiac rising over the horizon at the moment of birth. NOW you know why custom birthcharts require your time of birth and location of birth! Only with this information can it be calculated. Once you figure out your rising sign, you may discover that the zodiac sign, canned descriptions for you are much more meaningful.

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  5. However, nothing is quite as accurate as having your own birthchart done for you. Remember that these horoscopes only take the Sun sign into account, and since your Sun sign is only one layer of your complex personality. Plus, each of the astrology signs is home to a huge range of people, so not every part of the report will exactly reflect your individual personality and life. We suggest that you find and focus on the parts of the report that feel the most true to you. This is the information that can give you the most wisdom about yourself.

    Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

    Hidden within each sign are truths that may surprise or shock you. Keep your mind open as you read! Do you feel that you are automatically drawn to some people as if by a mysterious force? At the same time, do certain people rub you the wrong way almost as soon as you meet them?

    Technical writer horoscope: Technical writers and communicators characteristics by Zodiac signs

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    Your email will be used to send you your free astrological reading, along with ongoing communications regarding your zodiac sign. Astrology Signs The day you were born, you inherited a unique set of personality traits based on the positions and transits of the planets in our solar system. Click below to learn more about your Zodiac Sign.

    Aries Zodiac Sign. Aries Dates Mar 21 - Apr Taurus Zodiac Sign. Taurus Dates Apr 21 - May Gemini Zodiac Sign. Gemini Dates May 21 - Jun

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